In order for a business to grow successfully, trade exhibitions often require a huge chunk of international marketing budget. Chances for potential customers in bulk to be impressed can make them pay real dividends if exhibitions are done well. Consequences like lack of returns – for months will arise when done badly.

The tips for success exhibition are:- Attend, then exhibit 

Exhibitions can be a risky trade for an investment. Is it possible for you to attend your preferred show a year in prior as a visitor? In case attending in advance is not a choice, you may accumulate visitors’ breakdown based on industry and job title. Analyze and identify if your prospective customers and potential competitors are involved.


Appearance is everything 

How effective is your stand will directly reflect how well is your company doing. Employees need to be dressed appropriately, and stand design should be in a simple-done-well rather than extravagant-done-badly. You should think about how customers see your company at eye level. Do not let your stand become a refuge for half-filled bottles and clean them up whenever you can.


Train the team 

Most of the exhibitors provide different levels of training and confidence when it comes to speaking to booth customers. It includes a mixture of sales and manning their personnel stand. A friendly encounter can arise by investing in exhibiting training. Also, body language and on-stand staffing levels are also the important factors.


Track all visitors 

You can keep visitors record even though they are not your targeted customers. Ask what made them to your stand, what they wish and think on your stand, and also explain about your business because you never know who they might know. Besides that, you can also build lists of mailing through exhibitions and at the same time ensuring that you gather this information in an ethical and legal way.


Maximise your investment 

Exhibitions are not only about selling. Gathering market and competitor intelligence, building relationships, meeting suppliers and also attending seminars to have in-depth technical understanding. You can host various meetings in one day in the same exhibition hall, and at the same time saving your time and travelling cost.


Set to show objectives 

What to bring focus to your efforts? The team and individual goals! We have seen many people wandering aimlessly without any goals in exhibitions. For instance, picking or receiving brochures without knowing what it is about. Setting a shortlist of people and stands to see pre-show is one way to ensure a much more efficient exhibition.


Stand out 

You will be surrounded by various similar stands – your direct competitors. Then, ask yourself this question – what will get people to stop by the booth? Virtual reality experiences, remote control robots and get customers to participate in guessing games will have caught their eyes at recent exhibitions.

It is not easy to plan a success exhibition. Understanding and implementing the right ways to organize an exhibition is essential. Hope these tips can help you for success!










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