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Event Company Malaysia | Eminence of Public Relations

Public relation also known as PR. It is a strategic management process, companies, individuals and organisation use to create beneficial relationship with the public. In PR, there are various types of PR, its functions and how it can impact target audiences.

1. Objective of Public Relations
The purpose of PR is to maintain a positive reputation of a brand and a strategic relationship with the public, prospective customers, and respected clients and partners and employees which will lead to a better and more positive image branding.

2. Target audience
Who is your target audience? a target audience is a group of customers that are most likely to respond with a positive remark on your products, promotions and services. Often, your target audience analysis will be based on demographics and psychographics.
Once u identified their demographics and psychographics, engage a communication with them, not at them. a marketing message should never be about singing on your company’s praises, it should focus and connect more on the readers, viewers on a personal level by using a conversational tone.

3. trust building and credibility
Public relation builds up an organisation’s credibility, because it’ll operate through numerous negotiator, moreover these negotiator communicate to a certain audience that will ‘sweep them off their feet’. If a particular message is being brought out, this will gain credibility.
Great public relations also creates a trusting and bonding relationship with some important clients and influencers and it also helps to build the brand image, for example, a brand becomes well known when the target audience comes to know of it through third party or a media outlet, a good public strategy helps to build a brand’s image.

4. The opportunistic and Optimism
Public relation strategic makes a brand maximize more on the opportunities.

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